Jason Ong

Jason Ong is a conductor, composer, arranger, singer and producer. By and large a self-taught musician, he has studied voice under Ms. Carol Stone and Prof. Chia Wei Kuen. He has also attended masterclasses conducted by conductors such as Nelson Kwei, Alberto Grau, Jonathan Velasco, Branko Stark, and Mark Anthony Carpio, to name a few. Having served as the President of the Choral Directors Association of Singapore (CDAS), he is still an active committee member, helping to promote choral activities in Singapore.

In September 2010, Jason was invited to perform with the prestigious Chamber Choir of Asia, in Manila. Formed in the Philippines, TCCA comprises members who are choral directors themselves. As membership was strictly by invite only, Jason was indeed honoured to represent Singapore to premier the works of world-renowned composer Vytautas Miskinis.

Jason is the choral director of several secondary schools, and has helped the students to develop their self confidence and love of music through singing.  Under his direction, his choirs have progressed from strength to strength, winning awards and gaining recognition as choirs who are entertaining and fun. He is also the resident choral director of the Singapore Men’s Chorus, which he co-founded in 2005. Since then, the chorus has put up quite a few successful public concerts, charming the audience with their colourful repertoire and occasional show-stopping choreography.

Jason also coaches students who participated in talent classes, helping them with their voice training lessons.  As a voice teacher, he also helps his students to develop their talents as a performer, working on their singing techniques and performing skills.

Jason’s forte lies in a cappella music. Since co-founding the all-male a cappella group, In-A-Chord in 1987, Jason has been a pioneering force behind the Singapore a cappella scene, promoting this genre of music to the public. In-A-Chord was the first a cappella group in Singapore to be signed on by a Taiwanese label (Forward) in 1995, and released two successful albums. The group has performed backup vocals for Taiwanese artistes Ukulele, OuYang Fei Fei and Su Rei, and has performed alongside Dick Lee, Jacintha and many other local artistes. In 1996, In-A-Chord was invited by Sandy Lam as her guest group when she performed to a sell-out concert at the Indoor Stadium.

In 2001, Jason joined Key Elements, widely considered as Singapore’s best jazz a cappella group. In Oct 2004, Key Elements took part in Taiwan’s 4th National “Sing Sing Together” Choral/Vocal Competition, and took home the 2nd place prize. Furthermore, Jason was awarded Best Arranger for his work on “A-Cent-Chu-ate The Positive”. Key Elements has performed for many distinguished guests including MM Lee Kwan Yew and President S. Nathan. In 2007, the group was honoured when they were invited to open for award winning Swedish a cappella group, The Real Group, performed at the Esplanade. The group has also been invited overseas, having represented Singapore in Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Korea.

His experience in a cappella music has led Jason to be invited to set up a unique group – the TCR A Cappella group. This group of 5 men get together only once a year to perform for the hugely popular mandarin variety show 重逢 (Chong Feng). Every year, the group wows the audience with their refreshing take on xinyao and other songs, captivating the audience with a winning combination of witty dialogue, slick choreography and passionate singing, all done a cappella style.

As an arranger, he has arranged many songs for his a cappella groups In-A-Chord and Key Elements.  He has also been commissioned by schools and societies to arrange songs for many occasions, from concerts to events like the Singapore Youth Festival.  Having played in a combo band during his NUS years, he also arranges “minus ones” for schools and people.

Among his many compositions, Jason co-wrote the school song for Pioneer Junior College. In 2007, he collaborated with Singaporean short-film director Jeremy Sing, and wrote all the music for his short film, “Girl in a Red Sarong”. The film has since been screened around the world, from Tokyo to Berlin.

Having worked with producers Martin Tang and Goh Kheng Long, both of whom have produced many artistes such as David Tao, Stefanie Sun and Sandy Lam, Jason continues to hone his skills as a producer, taking charge of In-A-Chord’s Christmas album as well as all of Key Elements albums.